I Beam Monorail Conveyor System

I Beam Monorail Conveyor System

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I Beam Monorail Conveyor System


  • I-Beam Track, 3", 4” & 6"
  • Chain, 3", 4” & 6"
  • Trolley, 3", 4” & 6"
  • Load Bars, 3", 4” & 6"
  • Attachments, "H", "I", & "B"
  • Roller bank & Traction Wheel Turns
  • Expansion joints


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Progressive Assembly
  • Short Blasting


Long service life

The I-Beam track manufactured of 1045 high carbon steel has outstanding wear and load capacities. The drop-forged trolleys are designed for heavy use with smooth running operation.

Ease of Assembly

The chain is easily assembled or adjusted without the need for tools. The trolleys incorporate rivet less construction.

Heavy Duty Capacity

The trolleys and load bars are available in capacities up to 400 lbs each with 3" track, up to 800 lbs each for 4" track, and up to 2,400 lbs. each for 6” track.

Creates Usable Floor Space

These systems free up valuable floor space for more valued-added operations by organizing product flow and efficiently utilizing available space overhead.

Maintains Quality of Production

These systems eliminate needless production remanding and manual transportation by accomplishing finishing, assembly processes and/or storage processes with a single material handling system.